This is a playable instrument with a dulcimer neck layout and an actual aluminum soft drink can, beer can, Spam can, or a steel soup can.

It only has 1 string (put your finger on the string, move to each fret and pick the string).
It is very easy – and fun – to play!
ANYONE can learn to play this instrument!

Handcrafted in Tennessee by Willis Mountain Music Company

Includes: 1 Canjo, 1 pick and a songsheet with 9 songs. This instrument has a hard maple wooden neck with clear lacquer finish. It is manufactured with real guitar frets and all frets are clearly numbered. We also have a Canjo Songbook available with 46 songs and some alternate song endings for an additional $7.95. Songbooks ship free. All shipping is for the lower 48 states ONLY, please contact us for a quote for all other locations.